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Safe Exchanges

When parents have conflict in their relationship, there should be safety measures in place to protect their children. The CFC staff help protect children from being in the middle of conflict between parents by facilitating their safe transition from one parent to the other parent during designated visitation times. The child is safely transitioned between the parents without the parents coming in contact with one another at times determined by court orders, parenting plans or self-referrals.


An orientation must be completed with each party before a safe exchange is scheduled. It is preferred that the parent who will be visiting with the child is scheduled first. Once that orientation is complete the parent with primary custody will be scheduled for orientation along with the child. During orientation CFC policy and procedures are reviewed, case history is discussed, staff answer questions, provide a facility tour and obtain scheduling availability. While the custodial party is in an orientation, a separate orientation is conducted with the child. In the child's orientation a staff member shows the children the different visitation rooms and activities available to them, assesses their feelings about visiting the other party, and addresses safety concerns.

Monitored Exchange Scheduling Options

  • Friday evenings and Sunday evenings primarily
  • Alternate day and time options are considered based on court orders

Monitored Exchange Fees

  • Each exchange is $25 each way
  • One party may be responsible for the drop off and pick up exchange fees OR each party pays $25 whenever their child(ren) are transitioned to them.
  • The financially responsible party or parties is determined by a court order or parenting plan. In the absence of a court order or parenting plan the custodial and non-custodial parties must come to an agreement regarding financial responsibility
  • A reduced rate may be available with proof of income. Our Center receives a small grant to assist clients in need. Its funds are used on a first come first serve basis.

For more information or to schedule an orientation, please call (423) 697-3791 or email [email protected]